The double meaning in your services that reveals the exactly what your customers want
When you get down to it, every product is a service. Truly understanding the service you provide to your customer is the heart of effective content marketing.
An antidote to the toxicity of "becoming your best self"
Most entrepreneurs eat up their time and energy on habits and daily routines, inadvertently optimizing for the wrong things. Your best self is better optimized through long-term vision than short-term repetitions.
The best speech I've ever given
This post is different from most others. I am going to share with you something deeply personal and entirely unrelated to business on the surface level. Gleaning business related lessons will require you to read between the lines and think about what this means for you...
When (and why) less sales are better than more
Everybody foolishly wants to make more sales...
The 1 question that will make you more productive than ever before.
Productivity is no longer a means to an end, it's an end in itself. The systems that were originally designed to make life better have been taken too far. We would rather be busy, productive, and accomplish the wrong things, than peacefully accomplish the right things...
Habits don't exist: How successful entrepreneurs progress towards their goals
Most entrepreneurs have a bad habit holding them back or a good habit they are trying to build. All habits are underpinned by a single skill that can be trained and strengthened like a muscle. This skill makes habits unnecessary. This skill is discipline.
If you're just a coach or course creator, you're thinking too small
Coaches and course creators pigeon-hole themselves in trying to create content that makes sales today. In doing so, they miss the opportunity to capitalize on the strategy used by the TV and movie industries to guarantee millions in profit.
Skills that are more valuable than marketing
The latest funnel hacks and headline swipes are tempting. But they matter less than a handful of skills that nobody online values. In fact, they try to train you out of them.
How to use ethical mind control to make sales without opening your mouth.
Engineering your first impression with social proof to earn you more optins and sales.
Investing in relationships - How average marketers and beginners can outsell their competition.
The focus on headlines and value has created an opportunity to capture the most powerful aspect of any marketing piece: the From line.
An argument for working less
Working more results in busyness instead of productivity. It results in anxiety instead of peace. It results in reduced capacity to think critically, navigate the world, and see the forest from the trees.
Say no to drugs
The problem isn't alcohol or weed. In this case, the drugs are dopamine and adrenaline fueled by the FOMO, learning, and false sense of accomplishment that comes from keeping up with the Joneses.
Be more productive by doing less
If you're busy, you're doing it wrong. You're missing the puzzle piece that allows you to be productive without being busy.
Inside the mind of a leader
The openness and ambition that got you into this business are also your greatest weakness. And the predatorial marketers know this. Learn to think like a leader to build a business rather than thinking like a follower and jumping from one tactic to the next.
Why free is the worst price point
There is a clear differentiator between leaders and followers. Followers want free stuff but never implement any of it. Leaders want results and are willing to invest in them.
Everyone desires simplicity in life and business. Yet their approach to achieve this coveted state is all wrong. In this post we develop a framework for achieving simplicity in everything from your content strategy to your personal finances.
How to "10x" without working harder
Most cavemen who want to get 10x more will work 10x harder or 10x longer. They miss the opportunity to redesign the systems and practices that they employ to gain a higher return with the same inputs. In this post we look at an example of how you can create more, better content without spending any more time writing.
Why you shouldn't batch your content creation
The only reason you would batch your content is if you don't plan to grow or improve yourself in the time between now and when the post goes live. And in most cases, if you're not improving, you're not practicing what you teach. In an effort to save time, you lose out on quality.
The problem with coaching and courses
Are you intentionally leaving all your profits on the table? In this post we discuss simple advice, that when implemented, will be the most valuable advice you ever receive in terms of sales for your business.
How to generate momentum in your business
It's like riding a bike. A common mistake I see is that aspiring entrepreneurs will focus too much on trying to stabilize without pedaling, instead of just pedaling. And once you start pedaling, your focus shifts completely.
The easiest way to get more engagement
Most business owners have tried all the tactics that promise increased engagement. What they haven't tried is a new content strategy.
Why a long-term approach is vital to your business success
The trap of "what's working now" advice and 5 examples of how long-term thinking sets you up for success in ways that no narrow minded competitors can keep up with
The two best ways to get more leads and convert them
Challenges are the rage these days, replacing webinars and other lead magnets as the king of conversions. If you've struggled to make any of these work like you see in the testimonials, its because you have a different problem.
Why consistency trumps speed
Life is full of examples where the people who go fast significantly underperform those who go methodically and consistently. Speed undermines the foundations that success is built upon.
How to create more impactful videos
If you want to build relationships with your audience faster you need to create better video content. Here's an easy way to create high quality video content if you get nervous on camera or struggle to deliver the right words.
Embrace your humanity
In an effort to optimize for transactions, our businesses have become rigid, inhuman. But over thousands of years of history, great leaders have resisted this temptation. Instead, by embracing their humanity, they have build businesses that span generations.
Four ways to make more sales with content you've already written.
When you don't repurpose your content, you leave money and opportunity on the table. These four simple methods for repurposing the content you've already written will help you maximize your exposure, improve your positioning, and build more trust with your audience. All of which leads to more sales in your business.
What niche you're really in
The great marketers or our time, whether real or fictional, all understand this fundamental truth about business: What niche they are in. Not at a surface level but deep down. The easiest way to differentiate yourself from your competition is to get clarity on what it is you actually sell.
A Spartan approach to content creation
Many entrepreneurs get bogged down with software, automations, and what's working now advice. In order to see far and aim true, you'll need to shed these things, just like the great Spartan warrior Leonidas did. This is how you create more by doing less.
Ethics of The Game
We forget that the goal is to graduate from the game. To meet someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. The Game gives you the skills and confidence that you need to meet this person. And when you do, you get the opportunity to embark on a new journey of commitment and discovery as you spend the rest of your life with that person. And the same is true in online business.
How to have more energy and focus on command
People often ask me how I can write for 5 hours straight. Part of the answer is contained within my Content Machine and how I create ideas and topics. But a significant part is how I show up for the day. The food I eat, the sleep I get, and the mindset I bring. Leave these out and you'll never succeed. This is my greatest advantage in business and it can be yours too.
Never say this to your customers or your wife
There are things I say to strangers that I'd never say to people I care about. When it comes to getting more customers and keeping them for longer, treat them more like your significant other than someone you just met. Even if you did just meet. This is the easiest way to get more customers without any proven headlines or what's working now advice.
How to Train Your Dragon
How to answer the question "What do you do?"
Magical Market Research
Your "I help" statement, Google Trends research, and perfectly optimized, blue ocean niche pale in comparison to this untapped source of originality. Customer quality is a function of your leadership capacity, not your niche research.
The Dumpster Fire Fallacy
Acknowledge the current circumstances. Take responsibility for bringing your vision into the world. And make 2021 the best year for your business.
The Millennial Misstep
Entrepreneurs everywhere are tricking themselves into dissatisfaction, self-loathing, and unnecessary pain because they have adopted the wrong belief system about success and happiness.
The Only Blue Ocean That's Left
There is only one blue ocean left. And that's a good thing. This blue ocean will effectively "break" online business for you, making it impossible for you to fail in your course or coaching business. In this post, you'll learn how to find it and harness it.
Struggling is Optional
Why do we intentionally struggle? Why do we get likes and praise and sometimes even build profitable businesses around intentionally complicating very simple problems? Let's take a step back and consider what it would look like if struggling wasn't necessary.
Duel of the Fates
Are you a Sith or a Jedi? The lifestyle, the power, the fame and fortune of the Sith can be intoxicating. But it doesn't last. The only way to achieve long-term success is through the ways of the Jedi.
Minimalism for Entrepreneurs
The whole online business industry operates on this assumption that business is complex. But what if building an online business was simple?
Learn to create engaging content
The only thing preventing your business from thriving is your ability to create more engaging content.
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