Minimalism for Entrepreneurs

Business coaches, marketers, and celebrity entrepreneurs are intentionally complicating your business and preventing you from succeeding.


It's better for their businesses to do so. If building an online business is hard, these coaches can charge higher fees and sell more software subscriptions.

The whole online business industry operates on this assumption that business is complex. That in order to succeed you have to work all the time, sacrifice your health and relationships, and struggle for years. That you need expensive software to track and manage all of your content, funnels, and products.

This is a never ending game. More tactics → more info products → more software → more effort → less energy → less motivation → less success → more tactics. Rinse and repeat.

All the while, these opportunistic coaches drain your wallet and your dream.

But what if building an online business was simple?

I asked myself this question as a thought experiment when I hit rock bottom, burnt out from trying to follow the "traditional" path. And the answers that I found eventually became the concept I now call Minimalism for Entrepreneurs.

In this post, you'll discover that complexity is a choice you make... and you can easily choose simplicity over complexity. Then, if you choose simplicity, we will develop a simple framework that you can use to consistent growth your business with less work, less stress, and less hustling.

Let's begin.

Two Paths, One Choice.

The difference between success and failure in your coaching business is as subtle as the difference between a circle and a line.

One is connected, the other isn’t.

But this difference is everything when it comes to your positioning, your marketing, and your product delivery.

As Robert Frost famously said: “Two paths diverged in the woods…”

And only one of these paths will allow you to achieve the impact and income that you desire.

Spending time on social media, you would think that the two paths are these:

  1. Become an influencer and make lots of money overnight
  2. Intentionally grow a business over time and make money consistently

And that by choosing option 1, you’re doing the “right” things.

This is the path that most online coaches have chosen.

You see the influencers, the beaches, the money, the cars, the lifestyle...the sensational.

It’s so enticing. To live the dream.

As long as you're trying to become an influencer, you'll compare yourself to bigger and more successful influencers. You'll be faced with your glaring deficiencies, flaws, and all the ways that you need to improve before you can be successful.

<Insert patronizing guru slogan here> "Remember, you have to really want it. I struggled for years before I was finally successful."

The gurus championing the influencer lifestyle rely on your deficiencies. They prey on your insecurities. They bog you down with complexity, tactics, new software to learn, and anything else that can hold you down and keep you dependent on them for a pick-me-up.

And as long as you're pinned down in complexity, you'll never be able to stand up and lead your tribe. The path of complexity is the road more often traveled. Easy to follow, hard to get results.

This is because the two options are not really what social media presents to you.

In reality, these are the options you must decide between:

  1. Burn yourself out slowly over time, eventually running out of money and giving up
  2. Intentionally grow a business over time and make money consistently

Because if you go down the path of seeking overnight influencer success, you condemn yourself to failure.

Option 2, the path of simplicity, is the road less traveled: harder to follow, but ultimately results in your freedom.

Here's what's required of you if you choose Option 2:

  • Long-term mindset. Consistency is the key. Build relationships with your customers and take them on a lifelong journey towards their goals.
  • Critical thinking. Your results are directly tied to your ability to think and solve problems. There is no swiping, no copy/paste and its not "so easy a caveman can do it."
  • Do the opposite. Your biological imperative is to blend in with the masses. Simplicity requires you to do the opposite and stand out, at your own risk.

Commit to these principles, and success is inevitable.

Circles and Lines

Let's take a practical look at the difference between circles and lines and how this plays out over the long term in your business.

  • Get leads
  • Give value and Sell them into a course or coaching
  • Deliver the coaching
  • Get more leads
  • Sell them your on next launch

Your business moves forward in a straight line. Progress is gained by adding more: complexity, employees, lead magnets.

  • Get leads
  • Build rapport and invite them to join your continuity program
  • Continue to build rapport as you provide them with coaching/training
  • Offer them other products and services that will help them.

Your business moves in a circle, gaining momentum as you repeat the few activities that matter.

With a linear model, your next sale is just as hard as the first. Sure you have some credibility and testimonials, but you still have to hype up a launch every time you want sales.

With a circular model, it gets easier as your flywheel builds momentum. The more rapport your build, the more lifelong fans you create. The more fans you get, the larger your continuity program grows, and the more stable your business becomes.

This propagates through your mindset, positioning, marketing, and product delivery.

The circular path, the pursuit of simplicity, is the only way to build the business and the lifestyle that you seek. This is what it means to be a minimalist.

Sure, it's counterintuitive when you're standing at the fork in the road, contemplating the well trodden path and the road less traveled. But with each step you take, consistently executing the essentials... it gets easier. Clarity and confidence replace mania and depression as the days of complexity shrink in your rear-view mirror.

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