Are you in line with your values?

In a hurry?

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The infamous example of a values misalignment is Planet Fitness.

On one wall they have a giant sign that says “Judgement Free Zone.”

On the other wall, they have a “Lunk Alarm.”

In case you’re wondering what that is:

Lunk (lunk) n. [slang] one who grunts, drops weights or judges.

[Ricky is slamming his weights, wearing a bodybuilding tank top and drinking out of a gallon water jug... what a lunk!]

Sounds like a judgement to me... But what do I know?

Planet Fitness also specializes in Bagel Monday, Pizza Friday, and all you can eat Tootsie Rolls.

Because they are a fitness company…

The irony writes itself.

But let’s look at a good example.

I recently ordered a Ledger hardware wallet for keeping my growing crypto portfolio out of the greedy hands of the Sam Bankrupt-Fried’s of the world.

And I was eager to test their commitment to their values.

Whenever you order something online, it tends to come in a box with their branding all over it.

Free advertising, right?

Look at every Amazon package.

Or the brand new Vitamix we ordered from Costco.

They are proud to tell the whole world what’s inside that box.

But Ledger values security. If they can’t keep your crypto safe and secure, then they are out of business.

So I was surprised to see it arrive in a discrete, plain box. No sign of what was inside.

Ledger understands that trust and security are their selling points. And they are in line with their values across their entire company.

So I ask again:

Are you in line with your values? Are you sure?


Andrew Ryder

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