Every audience has the same problem. Here’s how you solve it.

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Do you want more customers?

After they buy, do you want your customers to do the work and get better results?

The way to achieve this is counterintuitive. It’s the opposite of what you’re used to hearing.

Most people use value (e.g. benefits, tips, tricks, templates) to persuade their audience to buy and do the work.

“Here’s all the tips you’ll learn and the results you’ll get.”

The selling process is based on the benefits they get from doing the work.

But this skips a critical step in the process.

Consider this quote from Kobe Bryant on how he motivates his teammates:

"What you have to do is you have to get them emotionally to want to be better. You have to get them to an emotional space where they wake up every morning driven to be the best version of themselves."

Notice how he says nothing about the drills they need to do to improve their shot. Or how to sign a new contract to make more money. Or how to up their social media game so they get more endorsements.

Those conversations can happen. And those are real results that his teammates want.

But he starts with the emotion, the philosophy behind why they do what they do.

Because the only person who can get this teammate out of bed early every morning to do the work... is himself.

And the same is true with your audience.

Your audience doesn’t have a traffic problem. Or a marketing problem. Or a weight loss problem. Or a parenting problem.

Your audience has a decision problem.

In today’s world, the problem isn’t a lack of knowing what to do.

The problem is that there are too many ways to get the result they want. They are paralyzed into inaction, trying to decide between 100 different options.

Consider this analogy. An equally thirsty and hungry donkey stands halfway between food and water. It cannot decide which way to go. It waffles back and forth on which to pursue first until it dies. If it only decided to get the water first, then it could go get food.

In other words, the dog that chases two rabbits catches none.

And your audience is chasing too many rabbits...

There are too many diets that work.

Too many business models that create overnight successes.

Too many options!

Or at least that’s how it seems when you’re scrolling social media.

When you sell them on your philosophy, you narrow down the number of options.

And in doing so, you unclutter their priorities and increase the value of your solution.

Once they are emotionally invested in your worldview, then you can teach them how to solve their problems.

But getting the emotional buy-in is a critical first step that most entrepreneurs miss.

Are you trying to “out-value” your competitors or are you leading with your philosophy?


Andrew Ryder

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