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My wife and I watch a lot of Rom-Com movies.

This genre has gone downhill since DVDs became obsolete. But every once in a while there will be a good one.

One of my favorites is the Netflix movie, When We First Met.

Like any good movie, the moral of the story transcends the here and now, leaving you with a valuable life lesson.

It goes like this:

A guy named Noah meets a girl named Avery at a party. They have a perfect evening together.

But the next day, Avery meets her soul-mate, Ethan, and falls in love with him.

Noah is crushed. He can't stop wondering what went wrong.

He lets himself slip into a depression. He drinks too much. And his life goes nowhere.

Years later, he wishes that he would have done things differently.

But, thanks to the help of a magic photo booth, he gets the opportunity to go back in time to the day that he first met Avery for a do-over.

He tries several times, reliving this first date and then waking up 5 years in the future to see where his choices have led him.

And every time, he isn’t living the life he wants.

He doesn't get the girl. Or if he does, he ends up ruining her life.

He ends up spending a few quality moments with Avery’s best friend Carrie before he slinks back to the time machine for another do-over.

And by the end of the film it finally hits him.

All the things he liked about Avery were things that Carrie liked first.

He thought he enjoyed Avery's company. But he had everything in common with Carrie.

And while this is the plot of a cheesy Rom-Com, it’s worth watching.

Because, as business owners, we face this situation often.

Our pursuit of one thing blinds us to better options that are right in front of our faces.

Take social media for example.

You make up your mind that you’re going to build a business based on organic traffic from social media.

But posting is hard work. It’s not at all gratifying. Many of the prospects are low quality.

You go through every day on repeat. Posting, responding to comments, DMing with prospects.

But every day feels the same. You never gain any progress or security in your business.

Meanwhile, right in front of your eyes, there are opportunities to JV, get on podcasts, or cross-promote with others in your industry.

Another example is your business model.

Many of us start out with a $1,997 coaching program or a $997 course because that’s what you’re supposed to do.

You sell a few rounds. But month after month, you’re still starting from zero to try to make end’s meet.

Month after month is the same old story. But right in front of your face is the continuity program that you’re afraid to start.

But maybe the reason why every day feels the same is because you’re making the wrong decision. Only by making a new choice can you find what you’re looking for.

Whether it’s higher quality customers, consistent growth, or something else entirely.

Maybe the reason why you end up feeling miserable by the end of the day is because you’re supposed to get off of social media and live your own life.

Maybe the reason why you’re so tired at the end of the day is because you’re not supposed to bear the burdens of everything. Some things are out of your control. Let them go.

Or maybe the reason why your life is melting away from you into a monotonous amalgam is because you’re making the same choices each day and wondering why things aren’t changing.

If you want to get different results from what you’re currently achieving, maybe it’s time to try something new.

What that is, only you can say.


Andrew Ryder

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