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Over the holidays I was emailing back and forth with a Discipline and Desire subscriber and she asked a timely and important question:

I’m not sure you have covered this yet in any of your emails but what about the power of positive thinking… law of attraction? Based on a few experiences this last year it works but I’m trying to really apply it…

I covered these things at a high level in my book, Entrepreneurship Ruined My Life,  but let me provide a more in depth answer.

Positive thinking, law of attraction, visualization, gratitude. These are powerful tools in your arsenal.

Every online business program I’ve ever taken includes a week-long module that teaches these mindset tactics.

“Business is a mindset problem,” they claim. “Sell the tactics and flashy stuff, but teach the mindset.”

There is a lot of truth to that statement. Especially if you’re teaching dopamine junkies how to make money online.

But even for people like you and me who are serious about business... sometimes we struggle to show up and give 100% every day.

Mindset matters.

But most business coaches and gurus don’t understand the differences between these principles. They lump them all into the "mindset" bucket as a means to an end: growing your business.

But gratitude, positive thinking, the law of attraction, and visualization are different. Each has its own use case and “rules.”

Visualization, for example, is misunderstood. It doesn't belong in the "mindset bucket." Rather, it's a real-world practice scenario. Sure, you can gain confidence through visualization. But the purpose of visualization isn't to gain confidence.

So the question you need to ask yourself is this:

Are you using tools like the law of attraction and gratitude to grow your business or are you using them to be happier?

This difference matters.

Because if you’re trying to “fake it ‘till you make it” so you can grow your business… none of the mindset techniques will work for you. (Although, visualization--if properly applied--could still benefit you.)

But if you want to be happier, there is another tactic that is much more powerful than any of these mindset tools I’ve listed.

The only downside to this mystery tactic is that it involves the dreaded "W-word."


Which is why you'll never hear any business guru speak of it.

But in my experience, this tactic trumps everything else in the mindset space.

Because when you’re actually happier, you provide better customer service and have more empathy in your content. And this makes your business better.


Andrew Ryder

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