Four ways to make more sales with content you've already written.

If you've been in the game for very long at all, you likely have a google drive folder filled with content you've written.

In this email I want to show you how you can repurpose and reuse that content to build better relationships with your audience and make more sales.

I liken this to what Dan Kennedy calls "Found Money."

Untapped potential that's just sitting there collecting dust, waiting for you to capitalize on this opportunity. So I want to give you four ways you can repurpose your content so that you can build better relationships with more people, bolster your positioning as a leader in your industry, and sell more of your offers.

The first way you can repurpose your content is to just repost the same thing.

Your audience is fluid. Its not static. This means that people will come and go and it will change over time. Not to mention, people evolve, which changes their openness and ability to benefit from information that they might already have seen and not used in the past.

So don't be afraid to repost the same ideas multiple times over the course of a year. Because of this fluidity, it can actually perform better than it did the first time around.

It doesn't make you a bad person. And if someone who follows you analyzes your account and trolls you for reposting, well, you can gladly remove them from your list. They sound like a nightmare of a potential client, and someone I'd never want to work with. But that's just me.

The second way you can repurpose content is to create blog posts and videos.

Depending on your writing style, the editing you need to do here is really minor. Just take your post and touch it up a bit, maybe expand on a couple ideas. Most of the content that I write is closer to 500 words, while my blog posts are around 1,000. Then, record a video and post it to YouTube or your mobile app.

There is a temptation to make your blog posts expansive and all encompassing. When converting a content piece into a blog post, I focus on one core idea and expand on that. I try to resist the urge to solve everything in that one post.

Think of it like this: each content piece or blog post or video is a star. A beacon for your customer. But the paid courses and programs you create are constellations. Connecting the stars and creating a shared meaning between them.

It's important to keep in mind here that not everyone who reads your content will read your blog or watch your videos. And certainly not at the same time. These pieces of content are semi-permanent ways for new people to find you, learn about your methods, and opt in to your list.

The third way to repurpose your content is to create books. After writing consistently for a while you'll have many posts about similar topics. You can easily group these together into a book an publish it on Kindle or record each chapter as an audio book.

It helps if you're using a system like I teach in Content Machine to organize your content but you can definitely do it on Google Drive as well.

Just pull together 10-20 related posts, edit them so that the theme is the same, and then write a nice conclusion.

The fourth way to repurpose your content is to build courses. Similar to books, you can pull together the posts that you've written into sections of a course. Doing this will give you many short videos, each singular in focus, which increases consumption compared to super long videos.

The kicker with these last two methods is to have an outline before you start collecting your content. Outline it first and then find the content that fits the sections you need. Otherwise your course or book will feel haphazard in it's construction.

Also by doing this, you'll realize you're missing a few sections. These can then be created to fill in the gaps and deliver the result that the customer is looking for.

I always say that my content is like stars but my programs are like constellations. Stars are bright and inspiring, but by connecting the stars together, constellations gain deeper meaning.

So there you have it. Four ways to repurpose your content so that you can build better relationships with more people, bolster your positioning as a leader in your industry, and sell more of your offers.

The opportunity is there whether you choose to capitalize on it or not.

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