The power of negative thinking

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Here’s something worth chewing on:

Successful entrepreneurs are driven by negativity. Not positive thinking or law of attraction.

This runs contrary to every online business course I’ve ever taken.

Most teach manifestation, gratitude, and the law of attraction as ways to draw success to within your grasp.

But think about a famous entrepreneur:

  • Steve Jobs created an alternative to the PC world, driven by his negative experience with computer companies and the limits of their technology.
  • Jeff Bezos started Amazon to make it easier for people to shop online, driven by the negative experience he had with physical stores.
  • Russell Brunson created ClickFunnels because of his terrible experience with other website builders and how they hinder your ability to make sales.

The list goes on and on.

They all started their company to solve a problem. And the people who see problems are often the ones most focused on negativity.

I am certainly driven by negativity.

I hate the mainstream online business advice and want to provide an alternative. I wrote a book called Entrepreneurship Ruined My Life.

That’s negativity.

And yet, this book has been the most successful thing I’ve done in business.

This negativity led to many positive outcomes.


Andrew Ryder

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