The only coffee recipe for a productive morning

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My morning was a disaster…

But first, the backstory:

As part of my morning routine, I make a keto coffee.

Here’s the recipe we use:

  • Kauai Coffee flavored with locally grown macadamia nuts and vanilla beans. This has to be ordered directly from the Kauai Coffee website and not from the local grocery store otherwise they use imitation flavors.
  • Laird Superfood coconut creamer. Very low in sugar and it doesn’t contain any preservatives or anti-caking agents. This is a good source of MCTs but also adds some complexity to the flavor.
  • MCT Oil. Helps with focus and energy.
  • Grass-fed butter. To support gut health and cell membranes
  • Collagen peptides. To support gut health, joints, nails, hair, etc.

Now, chances are, you’ve either heard of this before and you know why I drink it. Or you’re repulsed by the butter and oil that goes into my coffee.

It adds up to about 300 calories from all the fats that are in there.

But, other than a top-tier dark roast, this is the best tasting coffee I’ve ever had.

It keeps me satiated for 4-6 hours. And it improves my focus and energy so that I can work.

And with the high-quality coffee and ingredients, it doesn’t make me jittery.

So it’s an integral part of my morning routine.

But that’s not why I’m sharing this.

This morning, I was doing what I’ve done hundreds of times before. Still waking up, adding my ingredients to the blender to mix it up.

And I dropped the collagen scooper into the running blender.

Yes, I know…

I shouldn’t be running the blender without the lid while I’m adding things to it.

But I’ve done this hundreds of times without any problems…

The scoop got diced up by the blades and sent a fountain of coffee flying out of the blender and all over the countertop and the floors.

Keep in mind that this isn’t just coffee. There is melted butter and oil in this drink and it doesn’t come out of clothing or off of surfaces without a fight.

And so there I was standing with my keto coffee all over everything.

The kitchen was a complete mess...

I now had to clean it all up...

And worst of all…

I wasn't drinking my coffee.

Anyways, not every morning goes exactly how you want it to.

We’ve all been here before, right?

Whether it's spilled coffee, the dog had an accident in the middle of the night, or some other random event that throws you out of your routine.

Having a morning routine is integral to your ability to get to your most important work done every day.

And if you structure your life properly, that’s all you need to do.

If you can win the morning, you can win the day. And if you can win the day consistently, you can win in all your endeavors.


Andrew Ryder

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