The writer is the real hero

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I was rewatching the Ryan Reynolds Deadpool movie the other day.

And while it was more like 6 Underground and The Change Up than it was like Free Guy (in other words, it was bad), there were still a few gems in this movie.

The film makes fun of everyone. It’s a superhero movie that makes fun of superhero movies. And that honesty is it’s only redeeming quality.

Take, for example, the opening credits sequence. It says things like:

  • Starring: God’s perfect idiot (aka Ryan Reynolds), a hot chick, a British villain, and a moody teen.
  • Produced by asshats
  • Written by the real heroes here.

And there is a lot of truth to this last one.

The writers were probably the ones who stripped the film down to this collection of stereotypical roles.

Were they giving themselves too much credit? I don't think so.

The reason why the writers are the heroes is because of how much the story matters.

This is why Free Guy was Ryan Reynolds’ best movies. The story has a direct parallel to the reality that we all live in. It speaks to us on a deeper level than raunchy jokes and mindless action.

And we have good writing to thank for that.

But everyone also realize that writers get none of the upside. No fame, no money, no credit for their work.

When you’re writing for a studio, the best thing you can do is write slowly. Not so slow that you get fired. But not too fast either. Why exert that extra effort when you don't share the upside?

But when you’re writing for yourself, you are the writer and the producer and the owner of the studio. So the best thing you can do is write as fast as you can.

Because writing is everything:

It’s the content you create. The emails you send.

The products you build. The notes you take.

The stories you tell.

Everything requires you to write.

And writing faster means producing more in less time.

As a business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities. You wear a lot of different hats. And you have to juggle these, switching between them constantly.

Sometimes you feel like the producer is an asshat (that’s you, by the way). Other times, the talent is a moody teen, unwilling to come to work when you need it the most (yes, that's also you…).

But the writer in you..

The writer is the real hero.

If you can make the writer perform better, you can improve everything else you do. And that’s not something that can be said about most of the hats you wear.


Andrew Ryder

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