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My wife runs a Nutritional Therapy practice.

Over the years, she has helped people for free. She has charged $2,000. And she has sold packages everywhere in between.

And there is one factor that influences the success of her customers more than anything else.

Would you believe me if I said that:

  • It’s not how diligent the customer is. Although diligence is a result of what I’m thinking of.
  • It’s not how bad their health is. Sometimes this makes it take longer to see results. But this isn’t the main driver.
  • It has nothing to do with how well they know Kristen personally.
  • And it’s not how successful they are in other areas of life, although some of the more entrepreneurial types have gotten amazing results.

It’s about how much they pay for the program.

Customers who pay full price always get better results than customers who get a deal. They do the work. And they get the results.

I remember back when we thought it would be easier to sell an introductory version of Kristen's program for $150. A few people bought it, but nobody did the work. They wasted their money and Kristen's time.

Kristen even offered the program for free to a family friend who is a doctor. She had hoped to get an endorsement out of it... but this "friend" worked at it for a few weeks before going back to her old ways, completely ghosting us... afraid to show her face in our presence. A complete waste of time for both Kristen and her friend. And it took about a year to recover the relationship.

But then there were the women who paid $1,500 or $2,000. They were skeptical at first. They had tried so many other things. But they committed to doing the work. And 3, 4, 5+ years later it's still the best decision they've ever made. The program changed their lives. And the investment was worth more than money could buy.

This is why I’m opposed to the “I have nothing to sell you” trope that’s rampaging around the online business world.

You have to rewire your brain about money:

Investing money is a good thing. It’s one of the benefits of the program. The more people invest, the better the results they will get.

You never hear anyone saying how they got such a good deal and only invested $500 this month into their retirement account instead of $2,000...

I can hear the trolls shrieking: "iT wAs 75% oFf!!1!!"

What a steal of a deal. But you’re only stealing from yourself.

Similarly, buying a program at a 75% discount means your results will likely be 75% worse than if you paid full price.

It’s for these reasons that I’m proud to say that I have something to sell you.

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