Content creation is for suckers

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The internet is full of content, yet we’re no closer to solving our problems.

As technology advances, life gets easier. Our quality of life is better than ever before in history.

And yet, as a society, we’re miserable.

More kids are committing suicide, more people feel purposeless, more people are unhealthy and sick.

We have more information than ever before at our fingertips… but it’s useless at improving our lives.

At least that’s what the data suggests.

Instead of studying, learning, and improving, we compare, daydream, and worry.

As consumers, we recognize that all the content that’s available to us isn’t that useful.

But as business owners and creators, we’re still stuck in the mindset that our businesses don’t exist without content.

Thousands of creators mimic the same gurus, templates, and topics, hoping to win the lottery and go viral.

Twitter growth experts teach Twitter growth experts to grow their audiences so they can teach aspiring Twitter growth experts to grow their audiences and teach the same principles to the next generation.

Business gurus teach coaching to coaches who want to teach coaches how to coach aspiring coaches to make money online.

This world isn’t reality.

It's loud, it's popular, but if you aren't selling coaching advice to aspiring coaches, none of the advice will work.

The entire basis for content creation set forth by these gurus doesn’t work in reality.

Content creation is for suckers.

If it worked, people would find the information they need, learn the skills, and get results.

But very few do. As I explained above, more and more people are failing, killing themselves, etc.

Which brings us to the solution:

The upcoming issue of Discipline and Desire teaches a new alternative to content creation.

Instead of trying to take up space online and win the algorithm lottery, your goal with this new approach becomes something entirely different…

If you want to learn what this strategy is and how you can use it to grow your audience full of eager to learn prospects, go to the link below to get this week’s issue of Discipline and Desire.


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