A love letter amongst greeting cards

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Most content sounds like a greeting card.

You would expect them to be thoughtful, heartfelt, and have some semblance of meaning…

But they end up sounding like this:

Having your love makes such an incredible difference in my life —

Just knowing you’re there supporting me and caring for me means everything…

I’m grateful for our life together —

Nothing quite says “I love you,” like a poem crafted by a stranger to represent the general idea of being in love.

Of all the greeting cards, I would expect the anniversary cards to be the most meaningful. They are intended for the most meaningful people in your life, after all.

But they continue to fall flat:

For, though some times were hard for us,

I think I always knew

That I could get through anything as long as I had you.

Your love and your belief in me

have been there all along

To give me hope and confidence

And keep me going strong…

The way you feel reading these lame Anniversary cards is how your readers feel when they read templatized, generic content.

And it’s cards like these that have driven me to create my own “content” for my wife. Over the past few years, I’ve written pages of content that replace these cheesy and fake greeting cards.

Whether it’s birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines day, she is getting something real that’s meticulously crafted and hand-written by me.

Your customers deserve the same.

And that brings us to this week’s issue of Discipline and Desire.

The purpose of content creation has gotten lost in the noise of “showing up” online.  And most content sounds more like a greeting card than a real message from a human.

Which is why I’m teaching a new approach to content creation that will reframe this problem and provide a simple solution that will make your content stand out like a love letter amongst generic greeting cards.

When given the choice, which would your customers rather read?

Sign up at the link below before Friday (3/10) at midnight PST to get this issue.



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