How to create more impactful videos

In my last article I talked about the value of vulnerability as a leader. So to walk the walk here, I want to share a tactic that I use to overcome one of my weaknesses.

I've recently been experimenting with different ways to shoot video. I'm not the best on camera... I tend to ramble and lose track of my initial thought, leading to a video that's not concise or clear.

What happens is, I see myself in the display and part of my mind is thinking about how I'm talking, where my energy levels are, what my body language looks like, etc. And my mind gets distracted from the topic at hand.

The other issue I have is that when I'm shooting monologue video, I don't want there to be any pauses. It's probably just me, but in normal conversations I'm totally fine with second long pauses. But in my videos, they freak me out. So I want to be able to consistently move through the video without pausing or thinking.

Because of these issues, I've shot a lot of video that just ends up getting thrown out. Which is a massive waste of time.

Video is super important because it's the fastest way to build relationships with your audience. Sure, it can be done with text or audio, but video is the complete experience. Short of being there in person talking to your prospect, video is the best you can do.

So I recently developed a way to get more consistent quality in my videos without rambling or getting stuck.

Here's what I do:

First, I write an email. Pretty standard stuff here. I pick a topic from my list, tell the story and loop into the call to action in the same way I teach you to do it.

Then, I convert it into an article for my blog. I generally target 500 words for emails and 1,000 for articles. So this means I have to expand it a bit and go into more detail on a few of the ideas. This isn't a hard rule, it really depends on the article. I've written plenty of longer articles and some that are even shorter (like this one).

Once I finish writing the article, I go through and Bold some of the key points to separate out sections and make it easier to read.

Then I pull up my phone and start recording the video. The way my set up is, my computer screen and camera are close enough that I can look back and forth easily without it being too distracting. So I talk through the stories, make sure I hit all the bold points, and then close it out concisely at the end without rambling.

Setting myself up like this ensures that I know where to close out the video instead of rambling on and on trying to make my point. And this saves me lots of retakes and hassle.

It's not the most efficient method possible, which would likely just involve shooting the video off the cuff and then getting it transcribed, thus eliminating the whole writing process, but it gets me the most consistent output quality in both video and written forms, which does end up saving me time in the long run.

Not only that but now I have an article, video, and an audio that can be stripped out of the video for all my content needs for the day.

Wherever you're posting your content: blog, IG, email, YouTube, Twitter, podcast, etc. you can use this method to create more content and publish it in more places. And in doing so, earn way more traffic than just writing a single post on a single platform.

If you're not breaking out your content into multiple medias, you should start today. It's one of those things where you can put it off forever by just saying you'll get to it tomorrow. But it's really not that hard if you commit to doing it.

And if you're putting it off because you struggle to record video, give this process a try.

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