The two best ways to get more leads and convert them

Challenges are all the rage these days.

The logic goes like this: Customers love them, which increases engagement. And increased engagement means they will be more likely to get results and buy your offers.

The word is out and now there is a harem of marketing professors teaching the optimal way to build a challenge.

But inevitably, most of the people building these challenges don't get amazing results with them. They don't get more engagement. They don't get new customers.

The same trend was true when webinars were the "best" funnel.

And the same is true with any other type of offer you create.

The marketers who sell these types of products make it seem like what's missing from your business is the tactic.

i.e. do this challenge with this landing page and this upsell.

But if that were true, then the tactic would work. But it's more complicated than that. Because as everyone shifts towards challenges, the value of not doing a challenge goes up. As the market gets tired of only making it 3 days into a 5 day challenge, maybe they'll want to just get a quick video that shows them something useful.

And once this shift reaches a critical mass, the tactics will shift to the next big thing. You can continue to ride this roller coaster forever if you like.

How many of these have you tried unsuccessfully? How many more "best" approaches will you try? My goal is the convince you that what's really missing is the strategy, not the tactics.

Most business owners complain about traffic and conversions:

Well you might have more traffic if you didn't let all your best clients go after finishing your 3 month program. And you might have more conversions if you invested in your customers first, leading the way for them to invest in you and your business.

This stuff is so simple... and it works. But the tactical marketing professors rely on you to keep trying new things, going in circles, and never sticking with anything long enough to see results. Meanwhile, if you look closely, they are doing the same things every single day, consistently.

The sooner you can land on a system and start to execute it consistently, the sooner you'll create momentum in your business.

Perhaps it makes more sense to think about it in terms of exercise:

Lets say you want to get in better shape, so you do a week of pilates. And then you see that p90X is really great stuff. So you start doing that. And then you see that running is better. So you start doing that. And then you see that weight training is better. So you start doing that. And then you see that pilates are better.

And the cycle continues forever. You will never achieve your fitness goals if you keep switching things around.

It's the same way in online business. Consistency is truly the most powerful thing you can harness in your business. Especially when you apply it to things that grow non-linearly.

As Albert Einstein said, "compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world." Albert Einstein also said that simplicity is more valuable than genius - because people can understand it.

So find the simplest thing you can consistently do, and do it every day.


What's that? What do I recommend? ... I thought you'd never ask.

Two things:

Create content every day. Not only will you become a much better writer/creator over time but you'll build the foundation of your business by simultaneously creating blog posts, books, courses, and anything else your heart desires.

Get interviewed on podcasts. As you get more interviews, your status will grow allowing you to reach exponentially more people with the same amount of inputs.

All you have to do is be consistent. And consistency loves simplicity.

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