How to generate momentum in your business

We just got back from visiting my parents for the weekend. They're just a short drive up north from us, but it's nice to get out of our place and relax for a few days.

They have a lot more space to spread out and it's also nice to not worry about typical responsibilities like cooking and vacuuming.

We watched this new movie while we were there called Stowaway. Its a space drama that couldn't have been more boring. I think we all fell asleep at some point or another. But between naps, it got me thinking about business... which I'm sure doesn't surprise you at all anymore.

But here's what will surprise you:

Three people are travelling to Mars to research food options for sustainable life on mars and this movie chronicles the first few weeks of their years long journey. One of the interesting things about the ship is that there is a long tower, maybe a couple hundred feed, with a large capsule at the other end. In the middle of this tower is a solar panel array to power the ship.

The whole ship spins around this array in order to create gravity at the ends. Kind of like the Gravitron ride at the amusement park.  Hopefully I'm not the only one who had this experience. The Gravitron is a grungy alien spaceship that redefines gravity. It spins in circles so fast that you stick to the walls instead of the floor.

Rotating like this presents an interesting phenomenon. If you haven't experienced this before, it's kind of like riding a bike.

When you're standing still, it's easy to fall down. But when you're riding it's almost impossible to. Not convinced? Try to coast when the wheels aren't moving.

It's kind of like this in business too.

When you're at a stand still, you're more likely to fall over. Anything can go wrong at any moment - and it likely will.

In the early phases of entrepreneurship, your focus is on learning the tactics, reading the books, listening to podcasts, and discovering the abundance of options out there in the world.

More options, more waffling, more indecision, less momentum.

A common mistake I see is that aspiring entrepreneurs will focus too much on trying to stabilize without pedaling, instead of just pedaling.

Here's a few examples to demonstrate how ludicrous this is:

It's easier to lead your audience when you roll up your sleeves and set the example than if all you do is talk about how good of a leader you are.

It's easier to actually build relationships than to pretend to in the interest of getting a transaction.

And it's easier to create momentum by pedaling than it is to get out the wrenches and put the training wheels back on.

By simply pedaling, you solve most of these problems. Your concern then shifts from stabilization to keeping the momentum going. This is the idea of the flywheel, as pioneered by Jim Collins in his book Good to Great. You want to design a process where by executing each step, the next one gets easier.

This is why I'm so convinced that if I can get you writing every day in the way that I teach, everything else will fall in line for you and your business. Because you'll experience this flywheel effect: Your momentum will sustain your balance.

You'll let go of all the fancy tactics and swipe files that are "proven" to get more transactions, and instead your create content that you enjoy writing and your audience enjoys reading.

Sure, it's not always easy to get started and you aren't sure what topics to write about... but once you make the commitment everything changes:

  • the more you create, the more ideas you have
  • the more you create, the better your writing gets
  • the more you create, the more content you have for books and blog posts
  • the more you create, the larger your audience gets
  • the more you create, the better you feel about the work you're doing
  • the more you create, the more sales you will make

The process itself generates motivation and momentum. And so your focus shifts from getting motivated to showing up focused and energized every day.

That's why I'm working on a new course that teaches my approach to diet, exercise, and health so that I'm able to show up consistently.

Focus, energy levels, and sleep quality are more important than you think when it comes to creating.

Whether you're starting out as a leader, trying to get two days of content creation in a row, or you're a veteran, trying to maximize the value you get from your creating sessions, "the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today."

Start pedaling today.

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