The problem with coaching and courses

Are you intentionally leaving all your profits on the table? In this post we discuss simple advice, that when implemented, will be the most valuable advice you ever receive in terms of sales for your business.
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If you have less clients or customers than you'd like, this one is for you.

Today I'm going to give you some simple advice, that if you implement it, will be the most valuable advice you ever receive in terms of sales for your business.

Quite frankly, I'm sick and tired of seeing people run these 90-day coaching programs and cohort based courses.

Not because they aren't good models, they are great ways to teach in a one-on-one and group setting, respectively.

But here's where they go wrong:

The coaches and course creators never follow up with people who purchased their program.

Let's take Sam Ovens for example. He is a mastermind at getting traffic and a truly independent thinker. His ability is very rare. But I'd venture to say that he is leaving millions on the table. Here's why:

I took his Consulting Accelerator course awhile back. And you know how many emails I've received from him since then? How many offers to upsell or join a continuity program?


And yet he has other courses and things to sell me. So why is that?

He is certainly not the only one doing this. In fact, the entire horde of social media entrepreneurs preach this method as the "best" business model.

Gary Halbert, who is considered to the greatest copywriter of all time, wrote in The Boron Letters (paraphrased) that the best converting list is one that has already purchased your offers.

So why do these expert entrepreneurs leave all of this on the table?

My answer?

Because it's not sexy. What's sexy is making millions with paid ads. What's sexy is having a large horde of IG followers. What's sexy is doing massive JVs.

What's not sexy is selling your buyers something else.

Now, to be fair, there is something to be said about the flashy, sexy stuff. Alfred Hitchcock called it "effect" in his movies. He was all about getting a massive effect, often at the expense of other aspects of the film. Even in reading some of Dan Kennedy's work, he talks about how he would invite clients to his private office and at some point, he would go into his vault where he collected sales letters and examples and such. He would pretend to rummage through things to find the perfect ad for his client who was waiting in the other room. But his secret? The ad was already preselected ahead of time. It's all about the effect!

The effect makes sales.

But you don't have to sacrifice this front end sexiness when you implement the back end meat and potatoes.

The real problem is that most entrepreneurs are allergic to their customers. As Barry Maher says in his book, No Lie, they're all just paying lip service to consultative selling. They aren't really interested in helping people. Just taking their money and parting ways.

That's why this transition from a transactional business to a relationship-based business is so important.

If you can realize this, you'll be able to retain people on the back end, make far more money and have a greater impact on your clients by doing so.

Do you realize that you're intentionally leaving all your profits on the table? Or are you still pretending to be allergic to your clients?

Either way, this is the easiest way to make more money in your business.

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