How to "10x" without working harder

Most cavemen who want to get 10x more will work 10x harder or 10x longer. They miss the opportunity to redesign the systems and practices that they employ to gain a higher return with the same inputs. In this post we look at an example of how you can create more, better content without spending any more time writing.
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I came across something interesting recently.

I've been running the podcast circuit lately and I noticed a trend in my Oura ring after each interview.

The Oura ring is a biofeedback device that tells me how my sleep quality is and tracks my energy expenditures throughout the day.

Basically, it tells me if I'm recovering and resting enough.

And after each interview, I see it lit up with activity. Deep thinking and articulation of my ideas uses way more energy than going for a run or working out.

This is why you hear stories about chess players burning 3,000 calories in a day-long tournament.

The brain uses a lot of energy!

So it's important to fuel yourself with the right nutrition. If you don't give yourself the energy you need at the right time, you're not going to perform your best. Whether that's on an interview or just sitting down to write for the day.

Everything starts with your nutrition, energy levels, and focus.

Yet most people miss it. The look at their business from what they're currently doing and try to figure out how to add or subtract to achieve their goals. They look at what others are doing and try to modify accordingly. They look for software and tactics to help offload some of the mental heavy lifting.

Yet simplicity starts from zero.

If you were to try to design the perfect content creation system, would you think that nutrition mattered? Would you plan your sleep around it?

We used to have a saying that practice only lasts for 2 hours, but it's what you do in the other 22 that matter most. You can only run so many miles in one day. But you can eat right. You can sleep. You can manage your stress. And you had to if you wanted to survive the season, let alone be a good runner.

The same is true here.

You only have a couple of hours of high-intensity focus and energy to synthesize your best ideas. But what you do in the other 22 hours can make or break this 2 hour period. Heck, maybe you can get it to the point where you have 10 good hours and 14 recovery. Imagine how much you could accomplish when you're 5x more productive than everyone else.

Incredible, right?

But wait there's more. If you're saying, Andrew your math is wrong, you'd be correct. Just keeping you on your toes.

Not only does proper nutrition and health give you more hours today, it gives you more hours tomorrow. And the next day. So 30 years from now when everyone else is dried out from all the hustling and grinding, you'll still be supple and spry.

You'll earn way more than 5x the return.

This is where the 10x folks get it wrong. It's not about working 10x harder or making 10x more calls. It's not about bleeding your eyes out with Gary V. It's about building holistic systems where the outputs scale nonlinearly with the inputs.

Instead of looking at a content creation system independently, trying to optimize the minutiae, what if instead we ask the question:

"How can I show up consistently every day with a clear mind, an idea to pursue, and the energy and focus to pursue it to the natural conclusion?"

This is what content creation looks like when it goes well. it only goes poorly when you don't have ideas or you're tired, hung over, or demotivated.

So I want to encourage you to take a step back from your problems and think about what you're actually trying to solve. Don't just think of content as writing. Don't just hammer them with more energy, software, or god forbid, willpower. Take it back step by step until you're at the very beginning.

Then you can build up from zero.

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