Why free is the worst price point

I got this question the other day in response to one of my videos about ethics:

"If you care so much about people and don't want them to get ripped off, why don't you give away more info for free?"

This man has a point. I do care about the people who have been ripped off by predatorial coaches.

But this question has two glaring assumptions that render it completely useless.

First, it assumes that free information and costly information have the same value. This is false and it has been your whole life. It's why your parents told you to study hard or be safe or to not makes the same mistakes as them. But you did anyways until you got caught or punished. And then you learned.

It's one thing to understand in theory what a hot stove is. Its another thing to put your hand on it.

And the same is true with financial payments. There is a fine line between free and worthless. If I offer my products for free, many people will not take them as seriously as if they paid money for them. The more money they pay, the more likely they are to do the work.

When was the last time you downloaded a free lead magnet and actually did everything it said to do? If you were to do this, you could get amazing results. It just takes some hard work and critical thinking on your end.

The trick with the free price point is to not diminish the value of the product you're giving away.  If it's so valuable, why is it free? If it's worth their time, why is it free? As the question alludes to, so many people that have been ripped off and burned in this industry. They are skeptical of any program or course.

The solution to this problem is trust-based marketing. Something that my Content Machine teaches you how to do effortlessly.

The second reason why this question is lunacy is that it assumes information is the answer. And like the saying goes, if information was the answer, we'd all be billionaires with six-pack abs.

The information is out there. You can Google it and figure out how to implement the advice. And yet so few people do.

So giving away info for free not only makes you less likely to do the work, but it also doesn't solve the primary problem..

By paying more, you can get accountability, coaching, or other services included in products to help you succeed with them.

So my question back to this person would be as follows:

If you care so much about getting results, why aren't you willing to invest in them?

You can invest your time in figuring it out or your money in getting help and support.

You can't do it without one of those two.

This is the clear differentiator between leaders and followers. Followers want free stuff but never implement any of it. Leaders want results and are willing to invest in them.

This is why free is the worst price point. It doesn't require anything from the person who picks it up. But success in online business requires you to make an investment.

Nobody will invest in you if you don't first invest in yourself.

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