Say no to drugs

It seems backwards at first, but when you think about it, it becomes obvious that less is better than more. Consider this example:

Not too long ago Kristen and I watch a movie called Yes Day on Netflix.

The movie is about a typical family where the parents typically say no to anything their kids want to do. So for one day they decide to have a "yes day," where they say yes to everything instead.

And as you would expect, things get way out of hand.

But it occurred to me that this is exactly what most entrepreneurs do in their daily lives. Every day is a yes day:

  • We say yes when we're scrolling social media looking for hot new advice
  • We say yes when we listen to the latest podcasts and read all the new books
  • We say yes when we fill our schedules with busy work that boosts the ego more than the bottom line
  • We say yes when we hear about a new funnel or headline trick or any other kind of tactic that could possibly increase conversions.

But really, we should be saying no to al of these things.

Like those D.A.R.E commercials from my childhood used to say: "Say no to drugs." Except the problem isn't alcohol or weed or whatever they were marketing about. In this case, the drugs are dopamine and adrenaline fueled by the FOMO, learning, and false sense of accomplishment that comes from keeping up with the Joneses.

We think we want more options, we think we need to stay connected to the feed at all times in order to not miss out on anything. But not only does optionality make us less happy, it makes us less successful.

Success comes from saying no to almost everything and instead focusing on one or two things. Intentionally studying resources that can help you overcome a problem rather than reacting to what's new on social media. Focusing on the task at hand instead of letting someone else tell you what's important.

Simply redefining your relationship with social media can work wonders here. This is why I don't use Facebook, IG, or Twitter, and certainly not Clubhouse.  And the main reason I use YouTube is to watch videogames - not to get any advice about business or life.

I don't allow random people to dictate how I live my life, what I value, or what works in business. As Earl Nightingale famously said: “If you want to be successful in life, simply watch what most people would do in a given situation, and then do the total opposite—nine times out of ten, you'll receive greater rewards.”

Again, you think that you'll miss out on something if you don't stay connected, but its precisely the opposite. You'll be more connected to what matters. And trust me, if something is important, it will find it's way to you.

Saying no helps you to reduce the chatter in your own mind. It helps you to focus on the essential. And it helps you to be consistent.

All of which means that you'll be happier, healthier, and more successful.

It seems backwards at first, but when you think about it, it becomes obvious that less is better than more.

Saying no is the best way to get from more to less.

While everyone else aims to be busy, constantly hustling, struggling, and grinding... you can rest easy knowing that you're doing precisely the opposite. Being intentional, productive, and focused.

Say no to drugs.

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