How I closed the biggest sale of my life

The biggest sale of my life wasn't in my business. But the lessons contained "between the lines" are the most valuable business lessons I can teach you.

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The biggest sale of my life wasn't in my business.

I say this somewhat jokingly, but the biggest sale of my life was marrying my wife. I want to share with you the final speech I made before closing this deal because there are many business and marketing lessons contained "between the lines." A similar sentiment applies to how I feel about my business and my relationship with my customers.

This speech is the perfect example of my content creation methodology in action and the power you have to impact your audience.

Learn from the principle, study the structure, and use these ideas to create better relationships with your audience.

Here's the speech:

When I asked you to marry me 12 months ago, I told you that we were too focused on the destination and not on the journey. We both had goals and dreams that we wanted to achieve before we were ready to settle down — an idealized vision of when we would be ready to get married.

Today I want to reaffirm this sentiment to you. That our journey together is more important than any destination we will reach. I want to demonstrate my commitment to this journey we are embarking on together. And I want to do it in the only way I know how...

We’ve been watching a lot of Suits lately. And there is this scene I love from Season 1 where Harvey is tasked with closing a new client. As the hot shot closer, Harvey doesn't mind the banter. He toys with his prey. They talk back and forth for a while until Harvey lays down the hammer. He says:

“I’m not interested in getting your business. I'm interested in keeping it.”

This is advice to live by. When it comes to marriage, most people are more interested in getting married or being married than they are keeping that marriage.

They have passion, attraction, maybe some fear in their relationships… they have shared interests like skiing or the Seahawks.

But when I look at they journey that we’ve been on to get here: the challenges, sacrifices, obstacles that we’ve overcome, successes we've achieved...

We have built a shared set of values.

And that’s what makes a successful marriage. Shared values.

My vows to you are rooted in these values:

  • I vow to begin this journey again with every new day - an opportunity to overcome past obstacles, make amends, and step forward together.
  • I vow to serve you honestly and faithfully with all of my heart and all of my strength.
  • I vow to use as many business analogies to explain non-business concepts as I can. And maybe you'll vow to at least pretend to be impressed by them.
  • I vow to push you to achieve your full potential, especially when you don’t think you can. It’s my vision that us, as a couple, and myself, personally, can support you in your individual growth and accomplishments.

And so Kristen, I would be lying if I said I wasn't interesting in getting married to you today. This is the greatest moment of my life. But 'm not just interesting in getting married.

I vow to keep our marriage until the day I die.

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