The Only Blue Ocean That's Left

There is only one blue ocean left. And that's a good thing. This blue ocean will effectively "break" online business for you, making it impossible for you to fail in your course or coaching business. In this post, you'll learn how to find it and harness it.

Like in Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 when you flip on the no clip cheat and fly through all the walls straight to the end of the level. You take no damage, and you get there so much faster.

So it is with growing your course or coaching business. This blue ocean will give you the cheat codes to pass through all the struggling and hustling and start to gain traction immediately.

I found this blue ocean in the most unlikely of places...

My dad gave me this book the other day and I finally got around to popping it open.

It’s an investing book called The Only Three Questions that Still Count, by Ken Fisher. Fisher is the CEO and founder of Fisher Investments, a successful investment firm that's thrived for over 40 years. And as I read the preface, I knew this book wasn’t for me.

I’m just not that into investing right now. I know it’s important, but I am focused on business and health. I don't have any room for investing, beyond what I've already set up.

Remember, priority is singular. There is no plural word for priority.

Anyways, I was getting ready to put the book down when a section caught my eye. I had an idea.

The book discusses 3 questions that comprise a mental model for making sound investments. But these same questions can be used as a mental model for online business. Here are the questions:

  • What do you believe that is actually false?
  • What can you fathom that others find unfathomable?
  • What the heck is my brain doing to blindside me now?

You should be asking yourself these questions frequently. Not only do they provide you with key insights to your audience and the market you operate in, but they also impact your positioning.

These questions provide a unique insight into the last blue ocean that’s left. And it's the only one you need. This blue ocean is unique to you. It's the intersection of your personality, experience, and a solution to your market's problems that only you can provide.

This blue ocean isn't just a niche that you can control. It is you.

Let the great Ben Settle lay it out plainly:

“Don’t worry about finding a niche. Be your OWN niche.

When you are your own niche it changes the entire game. You don’t become a slave to analytics, metrics, swipe files, or having to be on everyone’s lists to see what’s selling, what’s supposedly “working now”, and what everyone else is doing.


I am in a niche unto myself.

And that means freedom from all the strangling rules other marketers follow. Especially those who can’t make a decision without a spreadsheet, survey, split test, or asking their Flakebook friends."

If you're a member of the Catalyst, you know how I feel about "what's working now." By the time you finally build the system that's working now, there is a newer, sexier system that's way better. Time to start over. Launching can wait another couple of months, right?

Further, being your own niche is so much easier than spending all day trying to figure out "what's working," modeling infographics, etc. As Settle explains, you don't have to worry about anything that's happening online. Consistently publish interesting content to your list and gauge the feedback. Doing this will attract the right audience to you over time. And if you're running a Star Forge like I teach in Prolific, this couldn't be easier to do. The sources and information in this blog post come straight from my own learning and audience feedback contained within my Star Forge.

Not only that, but it regains the time and money spent on content calendars and investing in coaches who claim to demystify writing better content. Trust me, I spent tens of thousands on these types of coaches and was disappointed every time. Not necessarily because the coach was bad, but because they approach this task incorrectly. Instead of teaching you copywriting fundamentals or ways of generating ideas, they try to teach you how to be a better you by being someone that you're not.

This is an impossible task.

Not too long ago, Kristen discovered a lady who was modeling (read: copying) her infographics. Turns out, this woman hired a coach that Kristen used to work with. Long story short, the coach was still trying to teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to rip off other people and pretend to be something they're not, all in the interest of getting better results from the IG algorithm. It's curious that people will blindly copy other people without even knowing how well it works.

And make no mistake, it doesn't work. This type of behavior leaves you in the social media echo chamber, repeating ideas, and being unoriginal. Your engagement suffers. You seek more content tips and tricks, and the cycle repeats. You will remain irrelevant as long as you keep echoing the same boring ideas.

The only way to break this cycle is create your own niche. Or as Dan Kennedy calls it, "be in the business of being you." Consistently publishing unique content and curating an audience that values your point of view. But don't just take my word for it, here's a quote from the Almanack of Naval Ravikant, by Eric Jorgenson:

“Escape competition through authenticity.” Basically, when you’re competing with people, it’s because you’re copying them. It’s because you’re trying to do the same thing. But every human is different. Don’t copy.

He goes on to say that "Specific knowledge is found much more by pursuing your innate talents, your genuine curiosity, and your passion."

So there you have it. Consistently publish your own information by synthesizing your learning, your worldview, and your market's needs. This is the only way to separate yourself from the competition and gain traction.

Not only does this simplify your business, but being your own niche is the only blue ocean that's left.  Ignore everything else and consistently publish what matters to you. Influence and success will follow.

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