Entrepreneurship ruined my life

I was happy. And then I read a book that opened my eyes to the possibilities of becoming an entrepreneur.

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Discovering entrepreneurship exposed me to a new world of desires.

It opened a path that I didn’t have the skills to follow.  What drove me to become an entrepreneur was not enough to make me successful at it. And that difference tormented me.

Here's how it started:

I was a happy kid. Always smiling and looking on the bright side of things. I went to a good school and got a fancy college degree. I landed a high-paying job in a growing industry.

I was content to go get beers with the boys on Friday night and watch football all day on Sunday.

I met a girl and fell in love.

I was happy.

And then I read a book that opened my eyes to the possibilities of becoming an entrepreneur.

In an instant, nothing was good enough. The possibilities of entrepreneurship teased me. I worked ever harder, chasing the carrot on the end of the stick.

The gurus used my education and psychology against me to take my money.

I worked harder. I sacrificed more. I spent more.

I achieved less.

Entrepreneurship ruined my life. Until I realized that I had to become a different person.

Here are the four realizations I made that helped me make this change:

First, there is more than one right answer. Shiny object syndrome comes from the false belief that there is an easy, right way to do things. But there are many right ways. What works for someone else may not work for you. Know yourself and the business you want to build. Then focus on building it.

Second, being consistent is more important than being right. I spent years trying to build a perfect funnel. I set up 20 different offers. I got freelancers to design my graphics. And I procrastinated on my launch. If I had started sharing my knowledge every day, I would have saved myself 5 years of wasted time.

Third, templates won’t get you there. The path that you will lead your customers down is unique. If they could get there by some other method, they would already have solved their problem. Templates (and their derivatives) shift the work off of your shoulders and onto your customer. Yes, they make it easier for you to create content. But do they make it easier for your customer to make the journey? You must do the work so your customer doesn't have to.

Fourth, it will take longer than you want it to. Consistency drives you to madness before it pays off. You must stick to your plan far longer than seems logical. Albert Einstein once said that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” Consistency will drive you to this point. And then, almost magically, doing the same thing over and over yields a different result. Consistency leads to compound interest. You can’t succeed without it.

Notice that none of these things are technical. Most aspiring entrepreneurs already have the skills they need to start their business.

They need to shed the guru-approved trainings and templates and get started.

Pick a system, be consistent, create something new, and never give up.

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