The Achilles heel of your business

Are you striking with full force, or simply going through the motions?

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Over the weekend my wife and I watched Troy on Netflix.

This is the old Brad Pitt movie about Achilles and the Battle of Troy, where Paris, the Prince of Troy runs away with the Queen of Sparta and sparks a war between Troy and Greece.

Achilles is the most legendary warrior in the history of Greece—maybe even the whole world. He fears no man. And he charges valiantly into battle despite the odds.

It’s amazing to watch the way Brad Pitt portrays him in battle.

He has a signature move where he jumps into the air and stabs his sword straight at his opponent, aiming for the gap between the armor on the neck line.

While this sounds like a good move, it is seldom smart to leave the ground and is likely just a Hollywood antic for the film. But I still love it.

Each time the tip of his sword strikes the shield of his opponent, it makes a ringing sound. A different sound from the clashing of swords or the typical slashing motion of the sword.

This attack is direct, it’s powerful, and it’s true.

Achilles executes this attack with 100% confidence that he will dominate his opponent.

And this is something that has been completely lost in today’s soft world.

Most people don’t fail because they can’t do it. They fail because they don’t try with enough conviction.

Simply put, they half ass it.

This mindset has infected every aspect of our lives right down to the language we use. Notice I said “they don’t try with enough conviction.”

Try wasn’t even a word in the time that Achilles lived. He didn’t try to win battles. He didn’t try to live a good life. He dominated his opponents with every ounce of strength and vigor he could muster.

Another word is priority. This word did not originally have a plural use. People never had more than one ‘most important thing.’

But now its rare to hear it used in the singular sense. We have many priorities. The more the better!

Achilles didn’t always fight. In fact, he hated his king and instead fought on his own terms. But when he did fight, he went all in with 100% effort.

Reminds me of the most interesting man in the world:

“I don’t always go to battle, but when I do, I leave no doubt that I’m the greatest warrior ever to live.”

This conviction is electrifying.

It’s why is peers lived in awe of him.

And the same is true in business.

Having the conviction to attack with 100% ferocity and bring the full force of your energy into everything that you do is often enough  to “will” yourself to victory.

Everybody else (including your audience) is just going through the motions.

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