A closer is just a loser with a “c”

Closing the sale isn't the end. It's the beginning.

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I was reflecting this morning on what it means to “close.”

The term is used often in business: We close deals, cases, clients.

It’s also used in the pickup world. I’m not a member of this community by my understanding is that a “close” can mean anything from getting a phone number to getting laid.

In my mind, the word close means the end. And this is how many entrepreneurs view it.

You closed the sale and that’s the end. Now that you have their money it doesn’t really matter how great the fulfillment or customer service is.

You close the 9 in the three set and that’s the end. The only thing left to do is write a field report and relish in your accomplishment.

But today I noticed something interesting. Close has the word lose in it.

Apparently I’m a grammar nerd now because I tend to notice things like this. For example, slaughter and laughter — the only difference is the first S.

I also notice words that have a double meaning, like content and fulfillment.

  • I like to create content that makes my audience content
  • I get fulfillment from the fulfillment of my products and services.

I don’t believe these are accidental. They provide clues as the the real meaning behind these words we use so frivolously.

Now I’m not saying you should go around slaughtering people and laughing hysterically like the Joker, but that may be some of the inspiration for the character. It was painted on the truck that joker drives in one of the Batman movies.

When it comes to the word close, treating it like an ending is how you lose. It is really a beginning.

Closing a sale is the beginning of your chance to help your customer. Closing the number is the beginning of a relationship.

If you do your job right, the customer will come back. They might even make it a custom of buying from you.

When I think about the people I see on social media who are obsessed with closing, I don’t see the c.

They all seem like losers. They miss the point of running a business.

It’s not about how many customers you can get or sales you can close. It’s about how many you can keep.

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