After a couple of glasses of wine, it all tastes the same

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My brother is in town visiting, and like we do with most guests, we took him wine tasting.

Washington is home to some of the greatest wines in the world and Woodinville is where all the tasting rooms are located.

I’ve never really been a wine guy, myself. I always enjoyed beer more, but I quit drinking beer when I went gluten free 5 years ago.

Now I mostly prefer not to drink, but when the occasion is right, I enjoy going wine tasting.

Yesterday our tasting started off as they usually do. 5 different wines going from white to rose to red.

But then our server brought over a bonus tasting—a surprise for us.

There’s a marketing lesson in that, but that’s not where I’m going with this.

This last wine had a very unique taste. The grapes originated in Spain and have a very distinct taste and smell.

It immediately reminded me of red and green peppers. The taste had just enough spiciness in it to taste like peppers without actually being spicy.

But it was an incredibly unique wine with a flavor we’d never experienced before.

This is due to what’s called terroir — the soil microbiome of the locale in which the grapes are grown. Depending on the environment, very different flavors can be achieved in the wine. Another example, which is common here in Washington is if there were heavy forest fires that year, you an taste the smoke in the wine.

The same is true with many other things. We tasted chocolates in Hawai’i once and they local grown chocolate tasted like bananas. It’s the local Hawai’ian terroir at work.

But it doesn’t just apply to food. It applies to entrepreneurs as well.

We all grow up in unique environments. We have unique experiences. We become unique people. And we see the world in a different way from anyone else.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs throw this away because they feel like they don’t fit in.

What works for other people doesn’t work for you. You don’t fit in the box, you don’t conform to the standard.

So you give up a little bit of yourself for “what works” or because “this is how it’s done.”

Especially with content. Following templates and using proven headlines. Producing the types of reels and clickbait content that “works” on your favorite social platform.

And you end up creating something that almost feels like you but not quite. It’s a shadow of what you could do if you fully embraced your terroir and create something authentic.

And you know this. Often it’s what stings the most. Feeling stretched between creating what you believe and creating what you think others want to see.

And yet it’s so hard to stand out and be yourself, be vulnerable.

Getting alignment between my mission and the content I was creating really helped me break through my writer’s block and produce work that I was truly proud of.

The truth is, there are people looking for the type of perspective and experience — the terroir — that only you can provide.

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