Creating content is more than writing words

Templates and swipes will put words on the page. But if you want to inspire your audience, you need to do this instead.

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The biggest mistake that business owners make when creating content is that they treat it like it’s just words.

They use templates and swipe files that are proven or split tested and guaranteed to bump their response.

They let other people choose the words for them.

This is a dangerous trap and often becomes a source of writer’s block, anxiety, and eventually self-doubt.

It may be easier or faster in the short-term if your goal is just to check the box and get something out on your socials.

But real content is more than just words.

The words are certainly important, but you can’t win with just words alone.

I liken it to music. A lot of songs have words.

You can even sample somebody else’s “proven” beats.

But that won’t make your music successful.

Songs need to be clever, playful, profound, or emotional in order to become great.

When you look at the popular rappers of our time, their ability to weave words together with innuendo, rhythm, rhyming… it’s a work of art.

Similar to the pop songs. They are popular for a reason. They are often very clever or very profound pieces of poetry that resonate at a level beyond just words.

The underlying beat only enhances the experience of the vocals.

This is why many successful speakers will publish their talks with binaural beats or pump up music in the background. The difference added by the music is profound.

Try reading a song. Just read the words and you’ll realize how much the rhythm and beat matter compared to the words alone.

Content is more than just the words.

And you have all of these same tools at your disposal. You can rhyme, you can use innuendo, you can create poetry.

Simply being passionate about what you do will work wonders for you.

I got into this business because I saw so many business owners writing words when they needed to be creating content.

There are stigmas that content marketing is unreliable, that it doesn’t work, that you should focus on other lead gen methods…

These all come from people who write words.

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