The secret “Tom Cruise Formula” to creating profits

And looking good doing it.

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The new Top Gun movie is out and somehow, Tom Cruise continues to deliver, even if he has to drag the cast and the producers to the finish line himself.

It’s fun to watch the original film and then go straight to the theater to see the new one so you remember all the details of the first movie.

There is a bit of a meme going around with some of the actors because Tom Cruise looks shockingly similar after 30+ years. A little more mature in the face, but he is the same guy. It’s amazing how little he has changed.

Contrast that with his costar, Kelly McGillis who is the brunt of the meme. She has gained a hundred pounds since 1986, so her character was recast for the new movie.

It’s no surprise that Cruise looks the way he does. He takes care of his mind and his body every day. This gives him the energy to continue to make new films and advance his legacy.

Jennifer Aniston is another great example. She has maintained her youth in appearance and in spirit.

Why can so few do this?

We all fight against time. The decisions we make each day are what matter.

It may not seem like it, but every little thing matters. Your stress levels, your sleep, your hydration, your diet.

30 years from now, you won’t recognize the person you’ve become.

Heck, even 5 years from now you’ll see the changes. I sure have.

When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I didn’t know this principle. I thought I could hustle and grind my way to success and then relax.

This took a toll on my body.

I can see the stress in my face. My skin has aged.

I am a more anxious person, although writing my new book has helped a ton with reducing this anxiety.

You are the sum of your decisions. Every one of them matters.

Take the shortcut today and you’ll likely regret it tomorrow.

This isn’t to say that you should always delay gratification and never do anything that you enjoy.

Rather, it’s to say that you should learn to enjoy being healthy. You should enjoy the process of improvement.

Today you’ll reap the benefit of energy and focus. Thirty years from now you’ll reap the benefits of 30 cumulative years of energy and focus. And you’ll blow everybody else out of the water.

Legacies like these are built one brick at a time.


Andrew Ryder

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