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“If information was the key, we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs.”
— Derek Sivers

This is my favorite quote.

It’s the right balance of humor combined with a real punch in the gut.

It’s true… if all you needed was information to solve your problems, you would have solved them already.

But since you aren’t a robot, information alone is seldom enough to get you to do the right thing.

You know that you should eliminate sugar and processed foods from your diet but that cheesecake from last weekend is calling your name. Or maybe it’s Sunday night and you’re relaxing, watching TV and don’t feel like cooking a healthy meal. It's okay... you deserve a night off.

You know that you should reach out and try to cross-promote your newsletter or get booked on podcasts, but rejection stings. Life is busy. And so it falls by the wayside as you pursue new shiny objects.

It happens in every aspect of life to everyone of us.

Including your customers.

They probably know everything they need to solve their problems. They have taken other courses, spent years collecting Tweets and IG posts about their problem. But they haven’t taken consistent action.


Because there is a secondary aspect that makes information actionable. It's not just enough to beat people over the head with tips and tricks.

You need to inspire them.

Inspiration comes from stories.

Storytelling is a method of communication that has been passed down for thousands of years and is literally hard wired into our brains.

When you speak in stories, you aren’t communicating with facts and data the way that most Instagram or Twitter content is built. You cut through the noise and communicate with people in the way that’s most natural to them.

And when you combine it with the fundamentals of direct response marketing, you get something even more powerful:

Storytelling + DR copy = Story selling.

Yes, it’s an extremely overplayed word these days. But I believe it is still a valuable skill for you to learn.

It’s your job as the business owner to weave together the benefits of your product into an inspiring story.

If you can do this, your audience and your business will grow effortlessly.


Andrew Ryder

Create irresistible content
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