How musicians create new songs

And how you can use this advice to create new ideas

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I recently stumbled upon a piece of gold in a random YouTube video.

This was a short clip from a live class where a musician named George Collier was teaching some kind of music theory.

And what he says about music has everything to do with content creation.

I pulled a couple of quotations from the transcript:

In my opinion, you can make every note work with every chord.It's not like right and wrong, it's more there are strong decisions and there are weakdecisions, specifically with with motion.

…Rather than say “this note is good and this note is bad,” it's more this note hasn't found its consequence yet or this note is in the wrong context.

…I don't think you should ever reject a note from a chord before trying all of the possiblesolutions to that chord and as far as how do you know if it's right or wrong I think you just you know because you can hear it and if it feels right then it's probably fine

I feel this way about stories. Every story can be turned into content. If you feel like it doesn’t work, you simply haven’t found the right context yet.

Before you give up on a story, or dismiss it as an irrelevant detail of your life, think about all of the possible combinations. How can you use this to teach a valuable lesson to your audience?

How can you arrange the pieces of this story with other pieces, other stories, to build something bigger than just the two?

In this way, you’re composing your content much like a musician composes a piano piece.

You're creating something new instead of repeating the same tired chords that everyone has heard a million times.

And if it feels right, that means you're on to something good.

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