The paradox of more

We don't really want more. We want others to see how much more we have.

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I once heard of a man who weighed over 400 lbs. Maybe even 500.

He fasted for almost an entire year, getting nutrients through an IV drip.

And he lost nearly 150 lbs in that time frame.

Of course, he did all this under supervision from his doctor.

Or rather, he did nothing. Literally.

So many people are focused on what to eat in order to lose weight but this guy focused on what not to eat.

In business, everyone focuses on what to do and what tactics or funnels to implement.

Even the 80/20 fanatics will say “Here’s the 20% of things you need to do that get 80% of the results.”

They all miss the point.

If you’re patient and consistent, you’d be better off doing less things.

You’re probably already doing the 20% of things you need to do. But you’re probably also running around like a maniac for the rest of the day trying to do more, be more, earn more, hustle more.

Everybody is obsessed with more.

I quite like the way that John Maxwell once put it: “We want more more and more better.”

And at the surface level he is right. But more than that (no pun intended), what we actually want is for others to see how much more we have.

Which is how we end up like this 500 pound guy. There was no question that he had more to eat than everybody else.

And there is no question that you can tell who the Gary Vee fanboy hustlers are.

In both cases, more makes them sick and unhealthy.

The same thing happened to me. The harder I worked and the more I tried to do, the worse off I was in every area of my life.

This is how entrepreneurship ruined my life and it’s a story I tell in my new book that’s coming out next month.

Realize that the solution to not doing enough isn’t to do even more.

“Yeah, but this time it’ll be different,” you think to yourself.

But it wont.

More will never be enough.

The only solution is to do less.

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