How to name your products and services

The best way to name your products is to start with how NOT to name them.

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The best way to name your products is to start with how NOT to name them.

For example:

My favorite brand of potato chips is called Jackson’s.

They make a really good sweet potato chip that’s cooked in olive oil, which stands up well in high temperatures.

It’s still a potato chip, but it’s not as unhealthy as Frito Lay chips.

Interestingly enough, they recently changed their name.

The company used to be called Jackson’s Honest...

Dropping the word honest from your name could be quite the scandal.

It certainly doesn’t sound good when you report the facts.

However, this scandal turns out to just be poor decision making, rather than a PR nightmare causing them to change from being honest to dishonest or somewhere in between.

Pretty different from the McDonalds beef patty scandal.

This has been buried under a mountain of PR, but I recall around a decade ago, McDonalds was under fire from Wendy’s because they called their burgers beef even though…

…they weren’t beef!

Maybe a little kangaroo, maybe some rabbit.

Who knows what goes into those things.

So they were forced to change then name of their "beef" patties.

Not good.

But it certainly brings up an interesting lesson in naming your products and services.

Don’t call it something that its not.

And don’t call it something you’ll regret later on if you have to change it.

Admittedly, I’m breaking rule number 2 with my REAL content framework.

Imagine if I decide later on to change the acronym… The question on everyone’s mind becomes: “does that mean it’s not real anymore?”

That being said, I’m not breaking rule number 1.

I intentionally called it REAL because it’s the opposite approach to a lot of the content that I see on social media.

And that is more important to me than the prospect of changing it later.

A name that simultaneously describes my product and what makes it different from everything else.

That’s how you name a product or service.

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