The "N" word that instantly taps into your prospects' most potent emotion

People buy on emotion and justify with logic. Use this to tap into that emotion.

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We’ve been on vacation this week, visiting my brother, and the other night he came over to our Airbnb to cook up some steaks and hang out.

Afterwards we meandered around town for a bit but ended up settling back at our condo for some drinks.

Unsure of what to do, we loaded up Pandora on the TV and tentatively selected the 90s hits station.

We sat there and talked for hours while the radio played some of the great songs from my childhood. Things like

  • No Diggity, by Blackstreet
  • The Middle, by Jimmy Eat World
  • No Scrubs, by TLC

And a whole bunch of really cringe songs by nerdy bands.

I never really liked 90s music that much. But it does remind me of my childhood.

My brother is a musician and we got to talking about how the music industry has changed over the years. Rap has changed. Pop music has changed.

It’s quite astonishing. Go look at a Shania Twain video from the 90s and compare that to a popular concert today.

To some extent, the musicians are more talented now than they were back then.

And yet the popular chord progressions have all been figured out. The more technology advances, the less music there is in these songs.

Why bother making music when you can press a couple of buttons and instantly have a hit song.

This is very similar to the state of content creation and online business… but that’s not where I’m going with this.

The reason why I feel so attached to these 90s songs — even though I really don’t like them that much — is because they are nostalgic.

They remind me of a time when life was easy. I didn’t have responsibilities. I could look at everything with rose colored glasses.

And I look back fondly on those moments.

Perhaps you feel the same way about 90s music. Or perhaps you think it’s awful and you can’t imagine that people actually dressed like that or rapped like that.

But the power of nostalgia can’t be underestimated, because of this sense of peace, attachment, and security that it provides you.

It makes me emotionally attached to music that I logically know isn’t that good.

This is a powerful selling tool.

Any time you can tap into nostalgic content or memories, you will have a much easier time selling your vision and your products.  Especially to those who are more skeptical than the impulse buyers.


Andrew Ryder

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