How to instantly increase your status among your peers

A simple habit that powerful people use to boost their status

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I was recently reminded of an interesting movie plot that gives way to a powerful persuasion tactic.

The movie is called “In Time” and it’s set in a dystopian future where money doesn’t exist.

Time is money.

Every citizen has a clock built into their arm which shows the milliseconds left in their lives.

The distribution of time is distributed much like wealth in today’s society.

The rich have hundreds of thousands of years.

The working class have around 24 - 48 hours on their clocks.

And regardless of how long you’ve lived, when that clock hits zero, you instantly die.

The result is that all of the working class and middle class citizens run everywhere, all the time.

Time is so precious that they can’t waste time in transit.

For the rich, the opposite is true. They have time. Running makes you seem like a peasant. And so they move slowly and methodically.

But this slow/fast dichotomy is true whether you’re talking about a dystopian future or our current world.

Time is already money. Money is already time.

All the broke entrepreneurs are obsessed with hustling and grinding, working all the time, moving fast.

But those at the highest level spend most of their time in quiet rooms thinking, plotting, and planning.

Powerful people move slowly and deliberately, whereas, confused and weak people move spastically and quickly.

Slow, intentional movement—simply not being in a rush—indicates status.

This is something that Tommy Shelby demonstrates perfectly in Peaky Blinders.

From the very first episode, you know that this man has an aura about him. He commands attention and respect.

His body language, movements, the way he speak… all command respect from his peers.

And this gets him far in life.

Obviously there are many things you wouldn’t want to imitate about Shelby.

But if you were to pick up one habit, it would be to move and talk with purpose. Don’t rush. Don’t hurry.

Be patient and methodical and you will instantly command more respect from your peers.


Andrew Ryder

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