Do this if your business is barely clinging to life

Zombieland is a real place. And you probably spend a good amount of time there.

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Gone are the days of cheesy horror movies with ketchup packets drenching everything in sight in a sugary fake blood.

But the zombies themselves are still braindead.

They move slowly, drool, and walk with their arms out in front of them, constantly seeking brains.

Hollywood has influenced our perception of what zombies look like.

But ff the only qualification of being a zombie is being braindead, we’re surrounded by more and more zombies every day.

One could argue that social media turns people into zombies, dragging our feet towards that next dopamine fix.

There are stories of kids walking off cliffs and dying from falls because they were looking at their phones.

There are stories of people walking into lakes and nearly drowning… yet too engrossed to notice the water.

Modern day zombies look and behave exactly like regular people. So you can’t identify them from afar.

This problem is well defined by Phillip Goff in his book, Galileo’s Error. He calls the modern zombie a philosophical zombie:

“The reason a philosophical zombie behaves just like an ordinary human being is that the physical workings of it’s body and brains are indiscernible from those of an ordinary person.”

And by this definition, I can’t help but notice how it applies to the majority of online businesses too.

Most businesses look similar. They build an audience on social media. They offer a coaching program or course. They follow the industry norms. On the outside, they are completely indiscernible from any other business.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t a zombie business, barely clinging to life.

There are many potential culprits that turn your business into a zombie, but the easiest to spot is lifeless content.

Content zombies look like the Hollywood version. They are instantly obvious as (1) being swiped from your favorite guru, (2) containing a desperate sales pitch with fake scarcity or urgency, or (3) unoriginal ideas that bore readers.

By this definition, trying to navigate social media is like an episode of The Walking Dead.

You’re surrounded and there is only one way out.

The best way to banish these undead content zombies is to create REAL content.

This is a framework I developed to help entrepreneurs create content that is alive.

In contrast with content zombies, REAL content is entertaining, authentic, and original.

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And that's a wrap on Day 3 of the Library Challenge.

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