Creating content is more than writing words
Templates and swipes will put words on the page. But if you want to inspire your audience, you need to do this instead.
The most important asset you have
No. It's not time or money. That's just what the gurus want you to think.
Why you should write a book
It will change your life and the lives of your customers.
Don't make things easier, make yourself better
What to do when writing feels hard.
After a couple of glasses of wine, it all tastes the same
The secret ingredient that makes your customers come back for more.
A closer is just a loser with a “c”
Closing the sale isn't the end. It's the beginning.
How to inherit the “content gene,” making everything you create better
The content we consume impacts the content we create. By improving what you look at, you can improve what you build.
The benefits of being below average
While everyone else seeks to inflate their egos with endless accolades and accomplishments, we should seek to be below average. Here's why.
The Achilles heel of your business
Are you striking with full force, or simply going through the motions?
Are you having fun?
If running your business isn't fun, your priorities are wrong.
Create R.E.A.L. Content
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