Which comes first, the followers or the fame?
Many entrepreneurs go wrong because they want fast results from slow systems. If you want fast results, you need to understand this first.
The paradox of more
We don't really want more. We want others to see how much more we have.
Why we need the "Danger - Cliff" Sign
Because apparently it isn't obvious.
How musicians create new songs
And how you can use this advice to create new ideas
The ancient parable of likes versus impact
How you measure success determines what kind of content you're create. And according to this parable, one metric is better than all the rest.
Could this be the best kept business secret?
Gain the unstoppable power to control the outcomes of your decisions.
A brand new storytelling framework that might explode your business
Because tips and tricks don't cut it anymore.
Do you make the same mistake as Verizon, Citi Bank, and Comcast?
If you do, you're sitting on a gold mine of both income and impact.
Create REAL Content
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