"Backwards" content system helps course and coach businesses create engaging content in half the time

Are you struggling to get engagement on your content?

Are you fighting writer's block every day?

Are you questioning if you have what it takes to make this business really work?

I know how you feel...

Andrew in his natural habitat.

I worked tirelessly for 5 years trying to grow my online business. I spent tens of thousands of dollars on fancy programs, yet none of them worked for me. I wrote a thousand free posts, but couldn’t build an audience.

I thought I wasn’t cut out to be an entrepreneur, until I discovered a backwards content creation strategy that changed everything for me.

I was able to grow and keep engagement in my business. I never find myself running out of ideas. And I only spend 30 minutes per day writing -- less than half the time I used to spend staring at the blank screen.

I tried to share this secret with the online business world by getting on podcasts... but they shunned me.

That’s when I knew this secret was powerful.

It threatens the control that the gurus have over their audiences. The gurus understand that the only thing holding you back from gaining your independence as a business owner is your ability to create unique and engaging content. So they intentionally hide this information from you.

So I wrote a book about it, called:


This book reveals the discovery that I made about the traditional content creation systems, why they can't work, and reveals a step by step strategy for you to

create content that your audience wants to read!

The simplest solutions are the most elegant. Instead of wasting all your time and money trying to follow the latest swipe files and content calendars, you can create content that your audience actually enjoys.

When they enjoy reading it, they engage. They take action. They buy your programs. They get results. They give testimonials. And they refer other action takers.

It's a virtuous cycle that results in a successful business. And it all starts with the simple approach to content creation that I lay out in Contentious.

Here are a few of the things you'll learn inside the book:

If you're ready to learn this backwards content system that will help you create engaging content in half the time you would normally spend, here's the deal:

Contentious costs a mere $20.

But don't let this price fool you. It is the most valuable information I know.

When you purchase, you will be given immediate access to the digital release inside the Andrew Ryder Mobile App.

If you don't yet have access to the app, you will be granted free access upon completion of your purchase. The app works on iOS and android phones and tablets as well as on your computer.

Click the button below to purchase Contentious and start creating content that your audience loves to read today:

Andrew Ryder

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