Do you know these content creation cheat codes?

How to create an endless supply of unique and engaging content — even if you don't have a large audience or you're just getting started.

Are you struggling to keep up with endless tactics and algorithm updates?
Do you find that no matter how much effort you put into content creation, you never become an authority in your industry?
Have you noticed that some creators seem to have a spark, an “X factor” that magically makes their content resonate, but you can’t figure out what it is?

I used to feel this way too.

I remember back in the early days of my wife’s nutrition coaching business. We were trying to grow her audience but couldn’t crack the code.

I broke out my spreadsheet skills, writing down the headlines, likes, and comments on hundreds of post from one of our most successful competitors. I sorted them, filtered, even dug deep into the body of the content to try to find a trend or something I could grasp.

But the secrets eluded me.
Searching the snowy tundra for content creation secrets... but finding nothing
No matter what we did, we couldn’t get any traction. Our competition wasn’t any smarter or more skilled. We always felt like our content was better written and more impactful, but…
the sales spoke for themselves... and we weren’t getting any.
We tried all the content calendars, swipe files, content audits and coaching programs. We tried everything that promised to make content creation easier… but nothing seemed to work.
Our content was missing that spark, the “X-factor” that made readers rave about it and buy because of it.
It felt like we were being left out of a secret club. The most successful entrepreneurs seemed to know some secret about content creation that we couldn't figure out...
Fast forward 4 years and thousands of emails under my belt. I discovered the “cheat codes” that I was looking for. The tools and tactics that the best content creators use but never share. And they were everything I hoped they would be.
I believe they will be just as useful for you.
It's simple:
The foundations of great content are rooted in human nature.
Knowing these foundations is what separates the leaders and the innovators from those who struggle year after year.
By appealing to human nature (instead of fighting against it), you can become the leader your audience admires, the envy of your competitors, and the clear choice to hire for your expertise.

This is why I created a new course called Content Foundations.

In this course, you will learn to create irresistible content using basic principles of human nature.
And the beauty of these content foundations is this: They work on every platform, in any medium, and are unchanging—at least during our lifetime.
While most content gurus hold this as their best kept secret, I believe that everyone deserves access to the tools they need to succeed. If you read Entrepreneurship Ruined My Life, you’ll understand that my business isn’t reliant on making you fail. I'd much rather see you succeed.
So that’s why I put together this course.
But don’t take my word for it. Read my newsletter. Does it entertain you? Does it offer a fresh, unique perspective? Do you want to learn how to create content like this? That is what you’ll learn in the course… so if you don’t like my newsletter, this offer isn’t for you.
But if you are interested in creating irresistible content, here’s how the course works:
Content Foundations functions on a “learn by doing” model. This means that every day for the next 4 weeks, you will receive a short lesson and a writing prompt via email. Expect to spend 1 hour each day reading the lesson and writing the prompt. Your writing can then be published on whatever platforms you use to build your audience.
By the end of the course you will have written and published 28 pieces of content. And you’ll have at least 30 more ideas ready to go.
Do not take this course if you don’t plan to write. You will be tracking your writing throughout the course so I can hold you accountable. If you miss two days in a row, I will pester you. If you miss 3 days in a row, you will not be allowed to continue with the course.
Here’s what we will cover in the course:
  1. Idea generation — Your ideas position you as an authority in your industry. In this section, you will learn how to come up with an endless supply of unique content ideas. You will break through writer’s block, ditch the lame content grids, and say goodbye to generic “how to” posts.
  2. Storytelling — The language of human nature. Bypass your prospects’ filters and speak to them at a subconscious level. In this section, you will learn how to entertain and impact your audience so they keep coming back for more.
  3. Copywriting — Great content is great copy. The sign that you're missing this is that you get great feedback on your work, but no sales. In this section, you will learn how to write content that encourages people to buy your program without being salesy or sleazy.
  4. Systems — Turn the skills into habits so that content creation becomes an effortless part of your routine. This is how you become a master.

Since this is the first time I’m running this course, I want to do something special. Here’s how it will work:

  • If you complete all 30 days of writing, you’ll be given a credit for the $200 you spent on this course towards any of my other services. So this course could be free if you take it seriously.
  • If you need more support, you have the option of adding two 30 minute one-on-one phone calls with me. This will ensure that you’re doing things right and maximizing the results you can get with this course.

This course is simple.

The lessons are short and straight to the point. The purpose of this course is for you to practice the skills. Not to pretend to develop skills while you "learn stuff."

I’m sure you’ve taken courses that bog you down with hours of video. I'm sure you "learned" a lot. And I'm sure you lost track of what to do and quickly moved on to the next thing.

Content Foundations is the opposite. The focus is on writing, not watching hours of prerecorded content. The focus is on consistent action, not fleeting motivation.

The focus is on results. So you see a measurable improvement in your content over the next 4 weeks.

If you’re up for the challenge, here are your options. Click one of the buttons below to join the Content Foundations course.

Content Foundations
Includes the Content Foundations Course as described above.

Content Foundations VIP
Includes the Content Foundations Course plus 2x 30-minute 1:1 calls with me.

Andrew Ryder


What makes this course different from other content creation courses?

I'll offer two reasons: 

  1. Most courses focus on rigid content calendars, content grids, or swipe files that share a limited amount of ideas between all the course participants. This means you’re posting the same content as everyone else. And you’re riding the fast track to irrelevancy. This course offers prompts, which are open ended questions that allow you to share your uniqueness and build a relationship with your audience.
  2. This course focuses on writing, not “learning.” There are two ways to become a better writer: (1) Read good writing and (2) write good writing. Everything else has been stripped away.

If you find yourself wondering, why isn’t ____ included in the course, it's for this reason.

Why isn’t there a community? Because the course focuses on writing, not telling other people how good of a writer you are.

Why isn’t there an online portal with video content? Because the course focuses on writing, not pretending to learn things that you’ll never use.

Why is it delivered via email? Because the course focuses on writing, not support tickets for lost passwords, forgotten domains, or other tech issues.

Why ____ ? Because the course focuses on writing.

How does the course work?

Content Foundations is a "learn by doing" course. You will learn to create irresistible content using basic principles of human nature.

And you will learn these skills by creating content. The course comes with 28 lessons and 28 writing prompts mailed to your email inbox every day.

How many emails will I get each day during this course?

You will not receive my daily email newsletter during the course. You will receive one email per day and that will be the course content.

What's the refund policy/guarantee?

There is no risk to you. If you want to cancel the course within the first 7 days, I will give you a full refund. No questions asked. If you complete the course, you will be given a credit equal to the price you paid towards any of my other services. This means the course could cost you nothing.

The guarantee is simple: You will get nothing out of this course if you don’t write. That’s why the refund policy is the way it is.

Why should I take this course?

I can think of two reasons:

  1. You’re tired of working year after year getting the same results, wondering why your content isn’t taking off, while that new person in your industry just exploded out of nowhere. If you want the content creation cheat codes, this is it.
  2. If you want to learn to write content the way that I do. This course will teach you every last detail of how I come up with ideas, tell stories, write calls to action that aren’t salesy, and systematize everything.

But again, you won’t achieve either of these goals if you don’t do the writing.

If you’re up for the challenge, here are your options:

Content Foundations
Includes the Content Foundations Course as described above.

Content Foundations VIP
Includes the Content Foundations Course plus 2x 30-minute 1:1 calls with me.
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